Stone Care – Granite Kitchen Counter Tops

Although granite is the strongest natural stone material that you can install in your home, it is still a natural material. As such, there are a few things you should be aware of to make sure the material remains as beautiful as the day you installed it.

The simple solution: make sure you seal it properly.
Using granite and natural stone counter top sealer will add protection against staining, as well as help keep the stone conditioned for shine. Granite is also porous, and sealing it properly will offer resilience against the material absorbing oils, or being damaged by acids.


A Little More Depth
Yes, natural materials are porous, and granite is no exception. Pores can absorb liquids and oils, and once the stain is in, it is impossible to get out.

Do NOT take a pot or pan that has hot, sizzling grease dripping from it and lay it on your granite surface. The combination of heat and oil could penetrate the granite, especially if it’s been a while since the last time you sealed. A hot tea kettle, or pan with no grease or oil that will interact with the granite is fine; granite is highly resilient to heat.

Granite is the property of dramatic color and pattern, so stains are hidden easily and rarely seen. Proper care will ensure that they don’t occur at all – seal your natural stone!


What Should You Clean With?
Try not to use anything acidic. We cringe when people tell us that they have been using certain materials to clean their natural stone surfaces, but many of our customers are comfortable with habit. More often than not, we hear them say “I’ve been cleaning with this for years. It’s fine.”  We prefer soap, and water. Very little soap…mostly just water.


No Worries!
Although it is not as hard as diamonds, granite is super strong! It is VERY unlikely that you will find a way to scratch it. Go ahead and cut on the surface if you like; we recommend using a cutting board to preserve the integrity of your sharp knives.


Sealing Process
So how is it sealed? Make sure your surface is clean. In my own home, I wipe it down with a sponge at night and give it 10 minutes to dry. I tend to do this at night before going to bed. Then grab your preferred natural stone sealer (specific to granite counters and surfaces) and damped a dish towel. Make sure to wipe down the entire counter area, including back splash, covering all surfaces. Go to bed and wake up the next morning with a sealed granite counter top or vanity top.

How often should you do this? I do it once a year, though some high traffic kitchens could use sealing once every six months.

You don’t need to do with for fireplace surrounds, though it’s so easy, you might as well.
Have More Questions?
Contact us at Marble Design Center of Orange County for more information on taking care of your natural stone granite kitchn counter top or bathroom vanity tops.